Guys, I’m asking a favor. A huge favor, actually. As you all know, I love to cosplay. With all of my heart! And I started up a Facebook page in August for my cosplays. I’m really trying to share it and get a following on it, and the only way I can do that is with all of you guys! If you guys could check out my page, maybe give it a ‘like’ or at least share it with your friends that are potentially interested, that would mean the world to me. Please? ;u;


“this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.”

It’s Munday. Woooooo!

//Dash is way cluttered. Need to unfollow some blogs. If we never really talk, I may have to unfollow. Please, do not take it personally!

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[text] I’m hungry.

{Text} Well, it is two in the morning. Perhaps a Chinese restaurant is open?


"I am Loki, who you must not trust."

  • Indie Lady Loki roleplay blog (mostly comic verse with some MCU Loki characteristics hella)
  • Any fandom, character, series friendly
  • Played by the mun in her Lady Loki cosplay (because come on how often do you see that)
  • Uses GIFs made by the mun, but will interact with anybody no matter what medium (icon, gif, still photos, etc…)
  • Mun (and muse) are both 21+
  • Selective multi-ship and multi-verse
  • OC friendly if well-developed and interesting to the mun
  • Mostly paragraphs and asks, but also shorter replies are welcome
  • Skype available upon request if spoken ic/ooc before
  • Mun is also the mun of: bethmooranprince